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Edge Training Systems, Inc. is the leading producer of leadership and employee development solutions. Since 1995, Edge's commitment to developing highly successful workforces, along with our comprehensive line of training material, has provided organizations and their employees with the tools necessary to excel in today's challenging work environment.


Edge Training Systems has worked with hundreds of organizations to customize programs to help them meet their leadership development goals. Whether you need to re-skill an individual employee, recharge a team or redirect an entire enterprise, Edge Training Systems can help.


Our blended training approach can provide greater flexibility to your organization by offering a variety of learning options. It's all a matter of gaining the knowledge your company needs now - in order to better face the business challenges in the future. When you are looking for innovative, high-quality training material, backed by a level of customer service that is second to none, Look to Edge!

StepUp Program

StepUp Program

The StepUp Program is a proven, three phase development program to aid in developing future leaders. Utilizing a variety of learning experiences, the participant will work through a multi-step process that is designed to teach and enforce proven leadership techniques.



ACT 365

ACT365 Leader Development

ACT365 is a comprehensive, motivating development program for new leaders that is completed over the course of a year. It utilizes a combination of assessments, coaching, and self-paced training to provide an engaging, challenging learning experience.


Custom 360 Assessments


Custom 360 leadership assessments provide valuable feedback about leader performance, strengths, improvement areas and more. The assessments use a proven approach to leadership development, customized for your industry and your leaders, to unlock your leaders' true potential.


Fri, 20 Apr 2018 01:47:37 -0500

Everything in your business rides on performance.

Mon, 26 Mar 2018 13:00:00 -0500

Many companies across the world take advantage of the 360 degree training process. The reason it's so popular is because it's easy to put in place, you can use it for many industries, and it's affordable. It's also incredibly effective for performance management and improvement.  

Some benefits may be hard to quantify while others will have a definitive impact on your bottom line. But what exactly is it?

Thu, 15 Mar 2018 15:43:23 -0500

Everyone can benefit from feedback now and then. Nobody has all the answers and it certainly helps to see things from a variety of perspectives.

Good, relevant feedback can help good leaders become great and that can make them a very powerful force in your organization. However, getting feedback is one thing – receiving it is another.

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